In the future, Science Fiction will be created from modules, like software.

Standard libraries of modules will provide provide capsule ideas for technology, environment, characters, etc.

In the more distant future, writers will develop a Sci-Fi Generalized Description Language (SFGDL) to describes how the above modules can be linked to create a story, drawing/comic, poem, or other media. This would allow for science-fiction to be single-sourced and output into any desired medium.

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One Response to “In the future, Science Fiction will be created from modules, like software.”

  1. inthefuture Says:

    Is building Science Fiction out of standardized modules getting closer to reality?

    Check out this story at Boing Boing: “Storytron: Interactive storytelling platform for nontechnical authors” at Snip:

    “Legendary game designer Chris Crawford has disclosed some information about his next big project, an interactive storytelling platform called Storytron.

    “I saw a demo of Storytron this weekend, given by sf writer Laura J Mixon (author of the early cyberpunk classic Glass Houses), who’s working on the project. It seems like there’s a lot of potential there — it’s basically an engine for describing autonomous game-AIs that exist to move a story forward. “


    This BoingBoing post was dated October 15, 2006.

    My post above had been posted on February 18, 2006

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